A beautiful afternoon out at Slide Ranch.

Here is a picture of Slide Ranch, one  of my favorite places that I’ve  been to over the past year.  Sea star populations at this location have been on the decline (we did not see any Leptas), although we did see a couple of Pisasters ( 8) and only one Henricia  plus an abundance of Owl limpets, barnacles and mussels. Enjoy the pic. IMG_2702

Slide Ranch

Here’s some of the organisms we saw at Slide Ranch.

And the view from one of the sites where we measured mussel bed height.

FullSizeRender (5)

Sea Sluggin’ in the Mud

Well, the pics aren’t the best, but here’s a few of our tiny Alderia.

Here’s also a pic from asnailodyssey.com of A. willowi and A. modesta. Hard to say which one it is.  Hopefully someone will be able to ID it on iNaturalist. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/5246083

Here are some pics I took in the lab today.  My camera batteries died so I had to use my iPhone, so these still aren’t the best.  But you can see the cerata.