Sea Anemone Symbiont

First things first, this is a pretty late post.

On our trip to Fitzgerald South/Pillar Point, Thursday, 1.26.17, we collected a couple Aggregating Anemones (Anthopleura elegantissima).The following class meeting we prepped slides of the tentacles in search of any symbiotic algae.  In my attempt to cut off a tentacle I used forceps and scissors . The anemone’s want to retract to a close caused the tentacle to burst its content onto the scissors. I placed this mush on a slide and viewed under the compound scope.

The images taken at 40x magnification (not 100% sure) show the presence of zooxanthellae, the photosynthetic algae. This sample was taken from a brownish-greenish tentacle.

Post by: Cecilia Hernandez               Photo Credit: Glenda


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